Choosing a new oven is a big decision. Regardless of your cooking abilities. Ensuring your finding thorough oven reviews is a core component in buying a new oven.

The oven features you choose will be important, and different from one person to another. You will also need to consider your budget, and how you will use your oven. Not everyone is a keen baker and for some, you may just like to open a packet and reheat!

There are many different oven available to buy. For us, the core oven types are:

Double Electric Ovens

Looking for the best double electric ovens? These reviews will help you.

Single Electric Ovens

It’s not easy finding the best single electric ovens. Let these reviews help you

Double Gas Ovens

These best double gas oven reviews are suitable all your needs & budgets

Single Gas Ovens

The best single gas ovens reviewed for when you need them.

Compact Ovens

It’s not easy finding the best compact ovens, so here are some useful reviews to help you

Self Cleaning Ovens

Are you wondering which are the best self cleaning ovens? Here are our favorites

Steam Ovens

These best steam oven reviews will help you to make smart decisions

Eye-Level Ovens

When you are looking for the Best Eye-level ovens you need reviews you can trust

You may not have even realised that there is such a readily available array of oven types out there! This article may help: What are the Different Types of Oven and Their Uses

No matter what your cooking abilities we feel there are five main factors to consider before buying a new oven

Capacity – how many people are you cooking for?
Heat output (conventional, fan or multi-function cooking)
How it will fit in your kitchen? Built under, built in or eye-level?
The fuel type; gas or electric
Functions and settings – would you benefit from convection cooking?
If you still have any questions, we have written some handy articles, that you may like to read prior to deciding which new oven to buy:

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We’ve done the research to help you choose the best oven for you.