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August 3, 2021

Last updated on September 18, 2021


Unless you are already shopping Eye Level Ovens, it can be tempting to assume all ovens do the same thing.  This really isn’t the case! What’s more, they arrive in all shapes and sizes. There are plenty of good reasons for this, and we’re going to look at some of the more common ovens on the market in this guide.  However, we’re going to specifically consider eye level ovens, which are some of the most common appliances you’ll find on the market.

But what exactly is an eye level oven?  As the name suggests, it’s an oven which you can access at eye level.  Simple! This is often convenient for many people who would otherwise need to bend down to access food.  It’s a top choice for anyone who may struggle getting down low. These are built-in ovens, meaning that they are fixed into your units, as opposed to free-standing or movable.  Many electric ovens and gas ovens come built-in or integrated in modern kitchens.

However, it’s worth taking a closer look at what’s out there in terms of built-in oven choices.  Not all systems are quite the same! While we compare the best eye-level built-in ovens elsewhere, in this guide, we’ll offer you a simple overview.  Read on for the full lowdown!

What Are the Different Types of Ovens?

If you’re looking for integrated ovens, it is worth keeping in mind that there are many different types.  For example, a built-in gas oven will connect directly to your gas supply, and require manual ignition.  An electric oven, of course, will run directly through your mains power and will need less force to ignite and get working.  There’s no right or wrong answer when it comes to choosing between these options, though you will likely find that the price tags may vary.

You might even want to consider looking at double ovens.  Double ovens, again, as the name suggests, will give you double the space.  This means that you can easily cook one food item at one temperature, and another at a hotter or cooler level.  A double oven is ideal for bigger families, though many couples buy them when they are hosting friends, for example.  They can be a great resource if you are otherwise struggling for space in a single cavity.

You can also break down built-in electric ovens into convection and conduction types.  These differ based on how they heat up your food. You can even buy self cleaning ovens, too, should they be available!  You simply need to think about the type of built-in or eye level oven that’s going to fit your needs the best in the long run.  What are you likely to use a new oven for?

Are Built-in Ovens a Standard Size?

Whether you buy a built in double gas oven or other appliances at eye level, you may find that there are a few set measurements to fit specific units.  However, you shouldn’t ever go into buying a built in gas oven or otherwise until you’ve made sure to measure up.  Sizing can vary, though in most cases, you should only really worry about the height. It’s very likely that if you have a housing unit for an oven, a standard built-in model should slide right in.

If you have already bought units, then it may be worth asking your manufacturer for more advice on which ovens are likely to fit your units the best.  As we’ll discuss shortly, oven capacity is the main factor you should be focusing on.

Built-in Oven Benefits

  • Easy access – no crouching or bending
  • Safety – less likely to drop foods getting them in and out 

Built-in Oven Dissadvantages

  • Space – you will need to factor a cookertop in your kitchen design
  • Expense – you will be purchasing two appliances.

Can Eye Level Ovens Be Installed Under Counters?

That’s a bit of an oxymoron!  Of all the eye level oven systems available, there are none which will fit under a counter top.  That’s because they are built to sit high up – at eye level! By installing an oven high, rather than low, you have easier access to your food, whether you are putting it in or taking it out. 

Many people choose under counter oven appliances for reasons of cost.  In some cases, it may even be more convenient for you to purchase an oven that fits under a worktop.  However, double or single, an eye level oven is likely to be much more convenient for regular cooking.  Think how much strain you’ll save yourself in the long run! It’s worth keeping in mind!

How to Measure For a Built In Oven

One thing that may worry you when looking for a built in oven, electric or otherwise, is the dimensions.  However, if you already have kitchen units in place, there’s a good chance you will have space for a new oven you can install up high.  All you will need to do is measure for the height! What’s great about these ovens is the fact that they come in a variety of standardised sizings. 

But what about double oven units?  Before you buy a double oven, you should make sure your unit has plenty of space.  As this is considered one of many non-standard appliances, you might need to look for a specific type of unit housing.  However, again, the great news is that you should only ever really measure for the height, and consider the volume you need.  Height and depth will obviously impact on capacity – for electric double ovens and otherwise. Consider the space you have available before you start looking at flashy features and other standards!

How to Use a Double Oven

Who are we to say how you should use a built-in oven for the best?  Of course, you are likely here for advice, and that’s what we’ll impart!  Double ovens work much the same as single-cavity ovens you’ll find available.  If you know how to work a basic oven or cooker, then you’ll find a new double oven a breeze to get used to.  Most double ovens should come with the standard function line-up – a timer, a grill, two full cavities – your experience may vary.

The best way to make the most of a double oven up high is to stagger your meals.  A double oven unit is fantastic help when you are cooking for a large party of guests.  For example, with a smaller oven, certain people may have to wait to be fed! The bigger the oven, the bigger the parties you can throw.  For plenty of people, it’s well worth the price. Some of the new systems on the market will help to make your life even easier, too, with features and enhancements to help you stagger and arrange cooking times.

Using a double oven should be fairly straightforward, even self-explanatory.  Making the most out of your first double unit is all a case of utilising the space you have available.  If you have space to hand – why not use it?


Ovens you can install at eye position really do help to make life easier.  However, there is still plenty you need to compare when shopping around. Have you read our full guide on finding the best electric ovens with double cavities?  Many of these are easy to fit in any home kitchen.  However, when shopping around for built-in systems, you should, of course, be careful with price, energy ratings, functions and more.  The best eye-level systems will let you steam puddings, grill sausages, bake cookies and more besides. Be prepared to look closely at leading brand names, and make sure you’re not too limited in terms of budget.

Why opt for one built-in oven when you can shop for two?  It may be more to clean, but at least it will mean more to cook!

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