How Much Power Does A Double Oven Use?


August 1, 2021

Last updated on September 18, 2021


Have you ever wondered ‘how much power does a double oven use? Well, depending on the model you choose, electric double ovens need around 50 amps and 60 hertz for them to function. But are they necessarily so expensive in terms of average cost?

Electric double ovens are increasingly popular as they provide you with the capability of cooking multiple things at once, at different temperatures, making big meals and baking endeavours far easier! Professional chefs and passionate cooks all like and prefer the double oven over a standard oven. You may yourself be wondering about making your household a double oven home and you will be wondering about the power needed for your double oven to function properly.

Electric and gas ovens alike come in different sizes nowadays, especially if they are on a range cooker. Should they just be independent ovens fitted directly into the wall, the amount of power they need will still depend on the sizes of the appliances. You can easily get two ovens of the same size, smaller or larger, or one oven that is significantly bigger than the other.

Take a look at power per hour before you buy. After all, energy is pretty costly in the long run!

How Much Power Does a Double Oven Use?

Double ovens do require a significant amount of power. They may not always be so energy efficient!

Both electric and double ovens will need their own separate fuel source, as they both draw a lot of power. More modern double ovens have become more energy efficient, which means that you get to save energy and money on the energy bills, but you will still need to bear in mind the cost that will be coming your way!

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How Many KW of Power is a Double Oven?

You should use a convection oven if you want great quality food in a super quick time.

Convection oven models are popular not just because they give an even all-around cook, but because they get your food piping hot in a fraction of the time of regular ovens.

If you’re sick of waiting for your food to cook, then use the convection setting on your oven. You’ll know if you have a convection oven by default, as the option is pretty easy to spot.

You should also use a convection oven for everyday cooking if you want to save money, and energy. Energy expenditure with a convection oven is bound to be lower than what you’d expect from a regular system. It’s all thanks to how the hot air circulates!

So – want great tasting, well-cooked food in a fraction of the time? Use the convection setting – it’s your best friend and ally.

Do Double Electric Ovens Use a Lot of Power?

Although more modern ones have indeed become more energy efficient, bigger electric ovens still do use a lot of electricity. As with all ovens, the amount of electricity that it uses depends on the time that it is running and the temperature at which it is running, not to mention of course the size of the appliance itself.

Nevertheless, double ovens are twice the appliance that naturally requires a large amount of electricity in order to run. The electrician that you hire to install it will have to put it on its own circuit in your kitchen, one capable of producing the necessary amount of electricity for it to draw at a safe rate.

It may seem like a big undertaking for maybe not the amount of reward that you would hope for, but it really isn’t going to be that difficult. Yes, having this kind of appliance will require some extra work during the installation and higher energy bills, but you must remember that there is a reason for it!

You will be able to serve more food at once, bake dessert in one oven and dinner in the other, have different foods on different temperatures, etc.

It really can be a huge help and the higher energy bills may not be as high as you might suspect. Should you be working with one single oven, you would have to have it running for longer in order to have everything ready!

Using this type of appliance would mean less running time and less time wasted changing the temperature settings. Do bear this in mind if you start to have second thoughts!

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Choosing a Bigger Double Oven

The bigger the oven, the higher the power consumption. It’s basic maths! A big oven will have more of a job to do than, say, a standard cooker, and could make your electricity bills go up and up.

However, make a point to look for energy-efficient models. Based on the diversity of cookers and ovens out there right now, there are plenty of cooker unit fittings with energy rating scores that will help you save money.

Lighten the load with a big oven – but remember the energy cost is going to add up and up!  If you are still weighing up which oven you should buy you might be interested in reading Should I Buy A Double Electric Oven?

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