The Benefits of Two Single Ovens?


August 16, 2021

Last updated on February 9, 2022


Is it worth having two single ovens? Well, depending on your current family or professional situation, having two single ovens can be a very useful thing and bring many benefits. If you’ve ever used single ovens before and have wanted more space, then double ovens may be the best way to go!

Indeed in some households we know that there are two ovens and you may find yourself wondering why. There are multiple reasons that one might want two ovens in their home: first of all, if you live with a big family, having two ovens can be a real time-saver! Multiple people in the home usually means big meals and sometimes even different meals for different people. Having two ovens means that you can cook an array of things at once.

This can be particularly useful for holiday meals such as Christmas dinner, Thanksgiving, a family get together, etc. It means that you do not necessarily have to plan at what times different pieces of food have to alternate in the one oven, so that they are all cooked and warm at the same time, ready for the feast! That’s also a reason that having two ovens is wonderful for either professional chefs or people who love to cook!

Two ovens means the possibility of baking and cooking or grilling and heating up any number of things simultaneously! You could cover that with double ovens and similar systems. Sometimes, single ovens aren’t always going to be enough!

Do I Really Need Two Single Ovens?

Having two single ovens can be useful in certain circumstances, but it is not a necessity.

Of course, having two single ovens can be extremely useful every now and then, but only really if you cook often for a large number of people or if you cook and bake professional style meals frequently. Although it can sometimes seem difficult having to pre-plan the order in which you have to put the various elements of your meal into the oven or you simply have a lot to cook and just don’t have the space, it is manageable.

Having two ovens can be a good solution, but only if you plan on using the second oven frequently. If not, then having two ovens obviously takes up a lot of space, it would also mean technically more cleaning if you do use the second one, and it will use twice as much power as you will have to heat up two separate appliances. Therefore, before deciding on whether or not to buy another oven, do take these things into account.


Is a Single or Double Oven Better?

Depending on your cooking habits, opting for a double oven could be a wise investment.

Whereas a single oven has a grill and oven option built into the same machine, a double oven gives you the opportunity to grill something in one oven and cook in the other! You can also just as easily cook things in both but at different temperatures. This can be very useful if you are cooking multiple things at once and is usually very popular on busy mornings when you need your toast and bacon quickly and someone else needs their breakfast muffins!

Having a single oven of course has its benefits, the main one being the space. If you are in a more compact kitchen, then having a double oven may be a bit difficult. A single oven does the job just as well, it just may take you a little more planning and time in order to get your food ready for when you want. A single oven is also obviously the cheaper option. Double ovens tend to be expensive and due to their point being to use both ovens at once, your electricity bill will reflect that too.

What is the Purpose of a Double Oven?

A double oven has multiple purposes.

If you cook then you have most likely been the one chosen to make the big family meals at one point or another! Perhaps you’re even the family chef and find yourself preparing a roast for everyone every Sunday! Of course you spend hours in the kitchen, preparing, planning and slaving away over a hot stove.

There is nothing worse than spending all of that time preparing a meal only to have someone complain about the cold potatoes! That’s where the double oven comes in. Having a double oven means that you can cook different foods, at different times, and at different temperatures. So, no more complaints about the food!

It is also useful for those who live alone and are passionate about food! Preparing a nice meal for yourself is just as important as preparing one for a family and with the help of the double oven, you can have the various parts of your meal ready for when you want and not for when your appliance will allow.


Do Double Ovens Increase the Home Resale Value

Yes, double ovens increase resale value.

If you are selling your home or looking to buy one then it is important to know that having a double oven does increase the resale value. Although some amenities do come with a home now like a deep-freeze, sometimes a dish washer and/or washing machine, etc, a double oven is a relatively rare occurrence as they are expensive to buy and install. Therefore having one ready in your home is a great bonus!

Single ovens don’t often fetch as much as you think – so think carefully about what you might actually need!

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