Should I Buy A Double Electric Oven?


August 16, 2021

Last updated on September 18, 2021


Depending on what you need from regular cooking or baking, buying a double electric oven could be the perfect purchase!

Chefs and home cooks both find having a double electric oven to be a very useful thing. From cooking for a large number of people to cooking a meal with various courses, a double electric oven gives you tons of space. You can cook multiple things at once, at different temperatures if needed!

Double electric ovens are usually fitted directly onto your kitchen wall and can often be seen on range cookers, the ovens being however of a smaller size.

Is It Worth Getting a Double Electric Oven?

They can be great investments, however, double ovens aren’t for everyone.

If you live in a smaller household, don’t need to cook frequently for multiple people or simply do not cook nor bake large quantities of food at once, then a double oven wouldn’t necessarily be of much use.

They do take up quite a lot of space and do use quite a lot of power. However, should you find yourself often having to rotate things in your oven or adjusting temperatures, then it might be a good buy.


Should I Buy a Single or Double Oven?

In order to decide upon whether or not a double oven is right for you, then you have to ask yourself a few key questions:

How Many People Do You Usually Cook For?

If you are the main cook in a big family, then you will often find yourself planning the order in which the food has to go into the oven and timing how long it will take to get everything cooked, warm, and plated-up at the same time!

It can feel quite overwhelming and as though we spend more time doing the juggling and less time actually preparing the food!

Thanks to your double oven, you will save time and with some newer models, you can save energy by cooking for less time, too.

Do You Enjoy Cooking?

A double oven is an investment. They don’t tend to come that cheap – and the price of the installation can vary.

If you are going to invest in one, then do it for the love of cooking! Maybe you just love baking or hosting dinner parties, either way a double oven could be a great investment. You’ll have the space to cook basically as much as you want without having to spend extra time waiting.

Do You Have The Room In Your Kitchen for a Double Electric Oven?

As previously stated, double units are usually built in ovens. A smaller kitchen may not be able to use a double oven, and that is something that you need to bear in mind before looking for one.

That being said, there is quite a wide variety of built in double ovens and you will easily be able to find one bigger oven joined to a far smaller one, or just an oven with a separated grill, if you prefer.

You would still have that extra oven space without taking up too much room in your kitchen!

What is the Best Double Electric Oven?

There is a wide selection of great double ovens out there with fantastic new cooking options! If you are going to invest in one, why not get a multifunctional oven?

More modern ovens come with a variety of features that could be worth the extra investment. For example, in order to save time having to scrub both ovens like crazy, why not buy a self cleaning oven?

The self cleaning mode means you will not have to spend extra time scrubbing all of the grease and food debris out of the sides of your oven, and will be able to largely leave that job to the appliance itself.

Some of the best built ovens nowadays are fan assisted. The heat distribution in fan ovens is far superior to that of gas ovens and electric ovens.

The fan propels the heat in a circular manner throughout the oven, making the hot air not find a home in one specific area, and making sure that it fans the heat evenly. Thanks to the circulation of the heat in the fan oven being so efficient, you can be sure that your food cooks evenly, due to the avoidance of hot spots!

Otherwise, there are many, many double oven brands out there worth looking for. Why not check out our buying guides to find that perfect fit?

Pros and Cons of Double Electric Ovens

There are multiple pros and cons to owning a double electric oven. One pro, for example, is that double ovens significantly less space, however, you need to be sure you have room for them!

Double ovens, however, take away the need for you to constantly having to stagger cooking times. A built in oven of this size will lower your kitchen appliance footprint, too!

Another con, however, is price. Double ovens tend to be quite expensive. In fact, if you are buying a new house, the price of the house will be higher if it already has a built in double oven!

That said, double ovens are becoming more and more powerful on less energy used. That, and the fact they are cheaper to buy upfront, means you have more than a few reasons to invest in them.


Does a Double Oven Save Energy?

Depending on how you use it, a double oven can save you stacks of energy.

Indeed, due to there being less time spent modifying the temperatures of the oven to accommodate the different types of food, therefore reducing the time you spend using the appliance, this will save you energy and money.

Double ovens that come with smaller ovens or grills dictate that, should you only be wanting to cook something smaller, you need only use the smaller oven cavity and not have to heat up the larger oven, which you would have to do with a single unit!

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