Range Cookers

Range cookers are freestanding appliances that combine an oven and hob in one unit. They are an extremely popular choice of cooker, not only because of their fabulous looks, but they are ideal for larger families and those who love to cook!

If you are looking for a range cooker, you probably already know what a range cooker is but when you are researching before buying a range cooker there are some key points that may be key to understand to ensure that you buy the best range cooker for your needs, budget and family.

We have written some in depth, independent range cooker reviews for gas range cookers, electric range cookers and dual fuel range cookers.

Electric Range Cookers

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Gas Range Cookers

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Dual Fuel Range Cookers

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Rangemaster Brand

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What to Consider When Buying Range Cookers

With so much choice available, we thought it would be helpful to provide you with a few things for you to consider before you buy your range cooker. Start with a list of what features are available and then think about what is essential for you and then what would be ‘nice to have’. This will give you a good start to ensure you find your perfect range cooker.

Your Range Cooker Budget

Setting your budget is possibly the most important decision you will make when you start looking. Prices vary considerably. Gas range cookers are typically the least with dual range at the upper end, but this will vary according to brand, size and features.

The Different Range Cooker Fuel Types

You can choose from three different fuel types: electric, gas and dual fuel then you can also choose from gas or electric cooker tops. Your decision will tend to come down to if you already have a gas supplied. From experience and talking with customers and friends, gas tops are the most popular yet the most challenging to clean.

The Different Sizes Are Range Cookers?

When you come to researching your range cooker size is possibly one of the first factors you will consider. You can buy range cookers at 90cm, 100cm and 110cm and you can even source mini range cookers at 60cm.

When it comes to measuring up for your range cooker, don’t forget to measure and leave a 3cm gap between the range and the wall this will ensure that no damage is made to electric cables and give space for your range’s vent.

The Range Cooker Colour Range?

Well, there is no limit to what colour you choose. The most popular choice remains to be stainless steel or black, however, if you fancy red or even pink! (Yes, pink and I have a friend who has a pink range cooker) and through to sky blue. There is no limitation and for those that are bold enough to go with a colour there is nothing stopping you!

Your Kitchen Style

Some brands follow a more traditional looking design, we can describe these as ‘traditional’ / ‘country style ranges’, whereas others are ultra modern, usually called ‘contemporary’. So no matter what kitchen style you are going for there is a range cooker to suit.

What companies make Range Cookers?

All the big cooker manufactures make range cookers. Rangemaster is one of the oldest brands, along with Aga, Rayburn, Everhot and Falcon. Other brands include Berazzoni, SMEG, Stoves, Fisher & Paykel, Beko, Britannia and Belling to name a few!

We’ve done the research to help you choose the best range cooker for you.