AEG CIS6700ACM 60cm Electric Cooker with Induction Hob

Are you looking for something efficient, easy to use and affordable? We found all of those pointers embedded in this AEG CIS6700ACM. This is one of the most popular induction hob cookers out there at the moment, and the high ratings which go with it show it is a model to be rivalled with.

It is a double oven with a main cavity capacity of 73 litres, which is pretty great going to say it is the standard cooker size and width perfect for standard size cookware. The second cavity possesses 39 litres and doubles up as a grill, which is great if there are going to be a lot of components to your mid-week meal and you don’t have time to start juggling and reheating it all.

The hob is a four zone option, but possible placement of your pans is on the flexible side because of the design, so you still have plenty of space to play with if you will be using all four areas.

There are a couple of rarer standout features too, such as the SteamBake function which can create a perfect crusty finish on breads, muffins and cakes without the inside losing moisture or softness. This steam can also come in handy if you want to cook your vegetables in a really healthy manner.

It is a brilliant cooker which deserves all of the praise. If you want to make the move back to electric, or see what the induction fuss is about, then it is a perfect appliance to be converted with.

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