This chimney cooker hood is an impressive piece of kit which will do plenty to get nuisance smoke and air out of the way, and to recirculate fresh, clean air throughout your kitchen and home. As a chimney style cooker hood, it is perhaps a little more complex than most, but instructions are clear, and reviews are certainly positive. It offers a clean, black aesthetic likely to look great amongst kitchen tech and goods elsewhere.

It’s extremely energy efficient, and the built-in technology even allows you to manage the hob directly. This is likely to be of huge benefit to anyone who has previously struggled to juggle both hobs and extraction units separately in the past. It offers three speeds of extraction, and is likely to be all you’ll need to get your kitchen air healthy and clean again.

At just over 70db, it’s also unlikely to cause much aggravation, as there are many more noisier hoods out there. Be prepared to ask for help to install it, however – as it is a behemoth piece of kit!

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