This superb integrated cooking solution not only boasts four hard-working burners to give you stacks of room to cook up a storm,you also have access to Hob2Hood, which means that you will be able to control your hob from the hood itself – a real feat of engineering from AEG. You will also benefit from a superb zone bridging solution, which allows you to merge cooking panels together to create bigger spaces.
The biggest selling point of this hob for us is, of course, the fantastic venting solution, which allows you to keep all that nasty grease off your cooktop. This will, of course, mean that it’s really easy to clean down when it comes to getting out the cloth later on! There’s a stack of filters inside the unit, meaning that you can always be sure that it is working hard to get greasiness out of your kitchen without any kind of fuss or hassle.
It’s a touch control system, and you will also benefit from a residual heat indicator to let you know when the burners are safe to touch or use afresh. This is a premium hob built with Italian engineering – it’s amongst the best.

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