This AEG induction system sits nicely in the midrange of pricing and functionality, making it a great all-rounder for various purposes. This four zone cooking system will allow you to get up to speed as quickly as you demand, and what’s more, it’s one of the easiest hob systems to clean down.

That’s because, unlike many other induction hobs, this cooktop actively cools down around your zones while still in use. This means you can safely wipe things up as you go.

This hob system also benefits from MaxiSense, AEG technology which enables you to place pans and pots anywhere on the surfaces and your hobs will pick up on them. It’s a smart way to deliver incredible heat to your pans quicker than you would expect from a traditional electric hob. Worth keeping in mind! Do also consider that this system has intuitive touch controls, meaning that you can easily tweak your cooking and dishes at the tap or two of the panel.

Very reasonably priced, this hob system is also magnetic, which means it should work easily with pans and pots built specifically for induction. Getting up to temperature may never have been this simple.

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