AEG KSE782220M


This is a compact, great-looking steam oven with a mid-range price for the technology. It’s built to offer thorough cooking as well as bring out and lock in all the flavours you’d come to expect in a restaurant setting. Deceptively simple, it’s an appealing unit which is likely to be more complex and versatile than you initially give it credit for being.

Hot air recirculation also enables this system to heat up quicker than many other ovens in its line or in its type. This, in time, will likely help it to become one of the most efficient and energy-conscious models around, meaning there’s no longer any need for you to worry about the energy bills you’re spending on cooking.

This steam oven also benefits from a built-in probe, which means that even while cooking, and once the main door is safely closed, it will actively check the temperature of all your dishes to ensure they are safe and tasty to eat. No more slicing into chicken or pork to check it’s cooked in the middle!

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