AEG Mastery BPE842720M Built In Electric Single Oven
This single oven is a built in electric single multifunctional model, so perfect for anyone who will want to cook everything from the roast dinner and fish fingers to apple crumble and sourdough bread in there. Just close the oven door, and the Mastery will pretty much cater to every meal. It is clever too, with a SenseCook feature which probes the centre of your meal to find the exact temperature, telling your oven when it is ready rather than relying on guess work. When you do need to check for yourself, the telescopic shelf runners allow easy and safe reach to your food. When it comes to cleaning, the pyrolytic technology burns any dirt away so it just turns to ash making it easy to wipe up left over food residue. To control everything, a command wheel ensures your chosen settings are easier to select than ever, and it doesn’t only look great but is super responsive too.
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