AEG SteamBake BES355010M


This stylish oven offers modern looks and modern tech, with a special SteamBake service offering plenty in the way of precision cooking. This affordable steam oven offers two shelves, designed with accessibility in mind,  each tray can be inserted quickly and smoothly into the racks, and place your baking pan evenly. And what’s more, it is an integrated system which you’ll need to build into your kitchen units. Don’t worry, as we are confident it will more than look the part.

It’s an extremely energy efficient system with an A rating, and should never be too difficult to wipe and clean down after use. You’ll also benefit from a built-in timer that allows you to keep track of where you are heading, perfect for cooking foods and baking cookies. What more could you need?

This great oven also benefits from eco-friendly hot air circulation, meaning that you won’t often need to crank things right up to full temperature to get an even cook. It’s changing the way that many people prepare meals!

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