Andrew James Double Hob


Andrew James’ leading double induction hob aims to make quick hob heating even easier on a portable basis. One of the best-priced and best-looking double induction hobs on the market, this system also boasts an impressive 2800W of power, meaning you shouldn’t ever let appearances deceive you.
This is a great little system which also boasts built-in safety technology, and which will let you take full manual control as and when you need to. It’s great to be able to switch in and out when you want to take back the reins. Precision is the name of the game, of course! You certainly get that from a rapid-heating double induction hob system.
This unit is also built in super-sleek black crystal, which not only makes it look fantastic, but which also makes it extremely easy to wipe down as and when you need to. It really does tick all the right boxes.

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