Andrew James Hob


This appealing and easy to maintain portable hob arrives from Andrew James, a solid name in all kinds of kitchen essentials and utensils. This LCD-based hob system not only offers you the best of induction cooking, but also the ability to seize manual control whenever you wish. This means you have greater control over your cooking than ever before – on a portable basis!
Impressively lightweight, well-priced and offering a range of features, this is a safe, simple unit which boasts more than a simple hob system. It offers smart technology which can detect when you’re using pans and pots, meaning that there is no more excuse for having to hang around waiting for things to heat up.
This portable induction hob is one of our top picks simply for the no frills approach, and you’ll likely get along famously with this kit if you are new to induction cooking or portable hobs at all. It’s a safe purchase and a great investment.

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