Aobosi Hob


This double induction hob not only looks the part, it’s absolutely crammed with features and functions which you might not even expect from systems weighing in at double the cost. Therefore, this fantastic portable cooktop solution might just offer you the value you’re looking for right out of the box.
Boasting a four hour digital clock timer and two separate heating zones, this is likely to be a great option for anyone who may be looking to fry or boil up several dishes at once. In fact, one of the biggest things to appeal to us with this hob is the fact that you can independently control the zones, meaning that you can steam veggies on one side, and boil rice or pasta on the other.
It’s an all-in-one solution for those kitchen users who are likely to be looking for more than just a single portable hob. Double hobs are becoming more commonplace in this style, but not necessarily at such as fantastic price!

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