Beko BD16C55K

Beko BDI6C55K 60cm Electric Cooker with Induction Hob

If you are searching for something that is energy efficient, reliable and has lots of power then you have found it.

While it isn’t the best on the list, it is one of the most affordable. Combined with some impressive features, this Beko induction cooker is an easy entrant into our top 10.

The main oven uses fan technology to produce even heat settings and ensure everything is well cooked. The second oven is a conventional design, and contains a grill to help you finish off dishes or make quick snacks.

In terms of safety, there is a cooling fan which keeps the temperature of the outer casing right down so it is safe to touch. This fan also helps to cool the oven at the end of the cooking process, so you don’t have to be careful of going anywhere near it for hours after use.

A defrost feature in the main cavity will rescue you when it comes to those dinner times where everything is in the freezer, and there is also a nice bright light which lets you view the food without opening the door.

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