Beko KA52NEW

Beko KA52NEW 50cm Gas Cooker with Full Width Gas Grill

This cooker really makes a bit of a statement. The style is not common these days, but we have to say that we actually think it is going to suit a lot of people.
The grill is at eye level, at the top of the cooker so not technically in a chamber. This means it is technically a 3-in-1, as there is also a large main oven chamber and a storage area at the bottom which is great for keeping all of your pans and trays in one place.
So if you are really short on space but still want the full experience without something which looks too ‘cubic’, this is a great bet. It is slightly smaller in capacity overall than a few others on the market, and you may not like the idea of open grilling, but if the space is enough and you don’t mind the latter point then it is one of the easiest cookers to navigate.

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