Belling Cookcentre100Ei

Belling Cookcentre100Ei 100cm Electric Range Cooker with Induction Hob

We are pretty sure this range is called a Cookcentre because it provides you with all of the functions and tools to cook up all of your favourite recipes for friends and family.

Four cavities and a five zone induction hob give you so much room to get the job done, and you can arrange things just as you wish too. The main chamber has a capacity of 64 litres, so it can comfortably fit the Christmas turkey or large lasagne bake you’re having for dinner. Because it is a conventional oven, it is perfect for making cakes too, as the heat rises inside.

The timer will help you to stay on top of cooking durations when you have other things to do, which is particularly handy when it comes to using the Slow Cooker feature. The A/A energy rating ensures it isn’t going to cost loads of money to run with every use, too.

The induction hob is very easy to control and clean, and there are high levels of sensitivity so you’re never going to struggle getting the cooking started.

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