Bosch PWP631BF1B


This extremely low maintenance induction hob system has all the looks and bells and whistles of more luxurious, higher priced hobs, but doesn’t carry the price tag attached. It’s sleek, modern, and with four burners to choose from, you will always have plenty of space to work with – as well as access to almost instant heat at half the time.

In fact, you will immediately benefit from this hob’s PowerBoost function, which will allow you to boil water at half the time you would normally expect. That’s certainly nothing to be sniffed at. There are also QuickStart and ReStart functions, which allow you to tweak your cooking experience and to pick up from where you left off, meaning there is never any fuss in getting your heat back up to speed from time to time.

This impressive system is very easy to install, clean and maintain. You can even blend cooking zones together if you wish, meaning that you can create a larger space for boiling, frying or anything else you demand from your cooktop. It’s an impressively versatile machine well worth considering amongst higher priced models.

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