BOSCH Serie 2 NBS113BR0B


This nifty electric double oven from Bosch combines a modern look with simple dial functionality making it easy to use, at a price that’s mid-range and an energy efficiency which won’t drive up the power bills. This stainless steel built-under oven is easy to clean and has a clear display and timer, meaning you can switch from function to function and easily keep an eye on your food too.

The main oven boasts 47 litres capacity, which should be plenty for couples and smaller families, as well as an enamel inner for ease of cleaning and wiping down.

Bosch also promises an intriguing ‘3D Hot Air’ system, which means that it will cook through any dishes with the even temperature you demand. What’s more, the second oven cavity is sizable and allows you to carefully manage side dishes and extra meals alongside with ease.

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