Bosch Serie 6 BIC510NS0B Heating Drawer

Bosch Serie 8 BIC630NS1B Built In Warming Drawer

Again, we include one of the most famous brands when it comes to kitchen appliances. In fact, Bosch is largely celebrated throughout a number of industries and once you try out this warmer drawer you’ll soon see why.

It deserves its place in this lineup, and is a good value price too. It brandishes 20-litres of capacity and is capable of fitting in up to 25Kg of weight, providing more than enough room for plates and cups.

And with a temperature range of between 40 and 80°C, you can even warm foods or keep anything already cooked warm, so it is ready to serve without relying on nuking it in the microwave.

For any bakers out there, there is a dedicated dough proving function which will help it rise in safe conditions and quicker than leaving it out. There’s also a defrost option for when the chicken hasn’t quite defrosted. This warming drawer is designed to fit in to an eye level cabinet, and is comfortable to use in this position too.

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