Cannon by Hotpoint CH60GCIW


Hotpoint’s Cannon gas cooker brings the best of precision heat to your kitchen. This gas-fuelled behemoth offers you a main oven in 60 litres of capacity, with 23 litres available in the grill, too. This means you can fit more into your oven than ever before, while taking advantage of clean, efficient gas. Lock in the heat with its super-secure door, and you’ll spend less than you’d imagine in the long run thanks to the incredible energy efficiency rating.
This is a classical design for a cooker, but that makes it all the more appealing. Built with a gentle aesthetic, it should be nice and easy to slide into any kitchen space. All your dials and functions are at the front, and this really is a gas cooker that benefits from having fewer frills and embellishments than most.
It’s also reasonably priced for a gas cooker, meaning you may do well to take advantage of available deals while they’re up and running.

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