Cuisinart CBK250U


Definitely one of the more stylish options, this Cuisinart bread maker is also superb at the job at hand.
It is a convection maker, so air can circulate around the unit completely when the bread is baking. This gives an even spread of heat and delivers perfect results, which is ideal if you have experience with the base or sides often coming out underdone.
There is a choice of loaf sizes to choose from, so you can make the perfect amount with no waste. It will remain warm for over an hour after baking if you can’t get to it straight away, and there are also 12 settings to opt for so you can either experiment or make your favourite which isn’t so easy to purchase in the shop.
There is also a removable paddle in the base so the bread comes out without a hole in the base, and a seed/nut dispenser is a lifesaver when making wholemeal or fruit breads. It is very smart, easy to operate and gives results which will please time after time.

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