Cuisinart WAF1U

Cuisinart WAF1U Waffle Maker

Enjoying tasty breakfasts everyday is the dream, and Cuisinart have made that their aim by creating some of the best waffle makers on the market.

Prepare two delicious waffles at once, with this high-power model that is simple for all to use. It has all the practicalities that make it simple to utilise yet ensure it is safe and secure for kitchen use. What’s more, it is easy to pack away after use and doesn’t take up excessive space on your kitchen worktop.

As it offers high power, it heats up fast so you don’t have to wait if the sudden waffle craving hits. The indicator lights switch from color red to green when it is ready for your batter, which helps judge it correctly. 

There is a wraparound moat which collects any overspill, which is usually a feature found on much more expensive upper-end models. You can remove the cooking plates when you’re done too, so they can be washed by hand to keep it looking its best.

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