Daewoo KOR6M5RR

Daewoo KOR6M5RR 20 Litre Microwave

Perhaps not the best-known name, nor is it the prettiest size, but sometimes you just want something which is small and simple. This model fits well.
A 20L capacity and 800W power aren’t particular standout features as they are common, but there are a few things present which do stand out. The Concave Reflex System makes sure your dishes are evenly cooked, using two heat sources and a reflector to distribute hot air to every corner of the microwave.
There is also a very effective thaw and defrost mode which can help you out when you’ve forgotten to take the meat out of the freezer, and a Zero Standby Eco button that uses less energy when in standby mode. The last point means it doesn’t need to be switched off at the plug all the time, so is ready to go when you are.

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