Elgento E21002


Two 4.8 litre containers make this a good steamer for anyone who cooks larger batches and would rather their food wasn’t spread over two different containers, compared to the usual 3 litre sizes.

It is the most lightweight of those on our list, which is great if you’ll be storing it away in between uses but often struggle with bringing things out of the cupboard and lifting them. There are also rubber non-slip feet on the base, which will keep it steady when you’re refilling water or checking on ingredients.

The 60 minute timer gives you plenty of scope to get any food cooked, and it will automatically switch off once the timer runs out so you don’t have to rush to prevent oversteamed food. It is a really good price if you want something basic and convenient, and while it takes longer than the others to heat up and start steaming, it gives good results once it gets going.

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