This super-powerful yet impressively compact fryer system offers up 2200W in cooking prowess, along with 3 litres of volume. This means that you can easily fry up chips, vegetables and more as you see fit – it’s unlikely you will run out of space or power any time soon. This is a great value model with more than a few tricks up its sleeves.

There’s an adjustable thermostat, for one, which will help you to precision-cook your food up to 190 degrees C. There’s even a smart indicator light which will tell you when it’s up to temperature and ready to go. No more guesswork! What’s also nice to note is that it’s one of the sturdiest fryers of its kind, offering non-slip feet to make sure things stay sturdy on the countertop.

This fryer also has a viewing window, which makes it far safer than many other deep fat fryers that you normally need to open up to check cooking progress. Therefore, it’s a great choice if you want to keep things particularly safe while frying.

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