George Foreman Evolve Precision 24002


This futuristic George Foreman grill is named accordingly as it showcases the evolution of their products. This digital health grill has a display, a number of settings and a variable temperature which makes it one of the best George Foreman’s ever.
It can do so much more than grill, too. The deep pans allow you to grill a number of things which simply aren’t possible on other models, and which you wouldn’t expect, from thick crust pizzas to mighty lasagnes. Basically, if it has cheese, pop it on the grill for perfectly melty goodness.
You can leave the probe in the meat as it cooks, so the plates and heat will switch off automatically when the cooking is done. This can allow you to prepare the side salad or check on the potatoes as you cook. Variable timings and temperatures will also help you out, if you know how long the food needs to be cooked for.

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