Hotpoint Class 2 DD2544CIX Double Oven

Hotpoint Class 2 DD2544CIX Built In Double Oven

Hotpoint are generally unrivalled when it comes to providing good quality for less. This built under electric double oven reiterates that notion, with its sleek design, double oven compartments and a number of features and automatic functions.

In many ways, this built-in double oven could go understated as it does everything well and doesn’t need to shout about it – quite literally as this oven remains quiet during all settings. It has a powerful electric fan oven that heats all food evenly boasting convection technology. This means that regardless of what shelf you are using it will heat uniformly.

It has a second built-in electric oven that can be doubled up as a grill with the simple use of a setting toggle. It has been designed to fit effortlessly with your lifestyle to prepare two meals for the family simultaneously or make a start on the tasty dessert at the same time as you cook your main meal, you can also put that extra golden crunch to your lasagne with the second grill.

There are a number of handy features on this oven; including a setting that automatically shuts the power off once your food has been cooked. This innovative Hotpoint oven also boasts Catalytic Liners that ensure the oven cleans itself whilst in use. The special liners absorb, dissolve and rid your oven of unwanted grease, making easy cleaning and ultimately saving you the expense of dedicated oven cleaners.

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