Hotpoint Class 2 SA2844HIX


Are you looking for a built in electric single oven which does all of the cooking for you? Of course, you’ll have to do some prep work, but this Hotpoint Class 2 model is one of the most stylish multi-function systems on the market and has Jamie Oliver’s seal of approval, and features a simple display and traditional dials on the front of the unit, it’s always easy to see what you’re doing.

This single oven boasts grill, bake and general cooking functionalities, and with a steam clean system built-in, it is also one of the easiest to wipe down after use.

What more could you want from a modern oven unit? This is a fan oven with plenty of space inside, meaning that it should be pretty easy for you to cook up a storm with large family dishes and more besides.

It’s also very energy-efficient, meaning that it shouldn’t run up hefty bills for you to power up over the months and years to come. It’s a great all-around option which, as always, comes with that brilliant Hotpoint guarantee and a solid warranty.

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