Hotpoint HR612CH

Hotpoint HR612CH Ceramic Hob

If you need an innovative yet reliable hob to add to your humble abode then you may want to consider this trusty Hotpoint ceramic hob. It is reliable, easy to use and can cater for big meals for the whole family.
Created with four zones, it is able to heat up pots and pans simultaneously as you command from a simple touch control interface that is built into the surface. We love that it has four zones and one of them is flexible in size, which allows you to efficiently cook small or big pans.
Comes complete with a two-year warranty and a solid design. You’ll also be pleased to know that it has a safe to touch technology even after you have cooked at high heat and also has a responsive temperature control.
It is one of the most affordable options we have on our list, yet is still worth the time and effort. A winner if you are after a budget ceramic hob.

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