Laptronix Small Microwave and Grill


The Laptronix Mini oven with hob and grill is a great oven and grill with the handy addition of two hot plates that sit on top of the main unit which can be operated at the same time as the oven.

Its 23L capacity is more than sufficient, to cope with day to day family cooking and also light enough to transport with you to the caravan or boat. As for other mini ovens, it is energy efficient and cheaper to run than conventional ovens.

This is the model I choose for my sister when she was experiencing delays with her home renovation. I wanted a mini oven that came with hobs, that was affordable, efficient, with a decent capacity and that had great reviews.

She was delighted and cooked and baked everything she would have in her main oven from casseroles and jacket potatoes, chilli & rice, savoury pies, bread and even a small Sunday bake roast.

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