Mercury 1000

Mercury 1000 Dual Fuel Range Cooker

Despite being a lesser-known brand, Mercury (though technically its a big name, as it is the trading name for AGA Rangemaster Limited) have curated a modern dual fuel range cooker to be reckoned with. This cooker has three cavities and lots of settings, making it one of the more advanced out there.

One look at this cooker and you will know it is something special, it has a sleek design and everything you need to prepare are whole meal. For looks this is the best range cooker! It’s super stylish with hi-fi style controls and comes in either oyster or Liquorice with stainless steel trims.

The colossal capacity of this cooker includes an 80 litre cavity and a 67 litre oven. On top of that, it also has a separate grill for you to add that extra crunch to your scrumptious lasagne.

It also comes with easy to clean liners, A-rated efficiency and of course, 5 burners all powered by conventional gas heat. All of this does come at a cost, which may put some off, but you will be getting a product which easily outlives the value.

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