Neff N1AHA02N0B Heating Drawer

NEFF N50 N1AHA02N0B Built In Warming Drawer

If you need a nice deep drawer for stacking plates or keeping large items of food warm, then this Neff is a fabulous option.

This item can prove to be very handy as you can simply transport cooked meals from the oven straight into the drawer if they aren’t ready to be served just yet. The drawer can keep the main course warm and maintain its crispy texture without losing its flavor while you are still eating the starter. It ensures the food is still warm until you are ready to serve it to your guests.

This particular Neff N1AHA02N0B warming drawer is 29cm tall and has enough space to fit large items in. The maximum weight it can hold is 15kg, which isn’t the best for a drawer of this size but will actually surprise you at how much you can fit in.

You can adjust the temperature settings between 40-80 degrees, catering to your particular crockery or food, and it opens with a push-pull mechanism for easy use and a sleek finish.

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