Neff T56FD50X0


This stylish, black induction hob lets you get boiling and frying quicker than ever before, with four standard burners and smart temperature control systems in place to help you precisely manage your pots and pans. This Neff system is perfect to use, for example, with induction kettles, meaning that you can get your water boiling quicker than ever before.

The PanBoost functionality built into the hob allows you to give your pots that little bit of extra ‘oomph’ when trying to boil up. This means that you’ll be able to crank up the heat for a further 30 seconds before the cooking zone drops back down to your chosen temperature.

Add in the fact that you have access to Neff’s specialist zoning and pan finder technology, and you will be able to boil and fry up anywhere you like on the cooktop. It’s amazingly flexible!

Reasonably priced and a great mid-range option, this stunning hob creation is likely to appeal to anyone who may be struggling to get the most out of their pots and pans on traditional electric.

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