Neff U1ACE5HN0B Double Oven


This energy efficient cabinet oven system is not only super-easy to install and manage from day to day, it’s also one of the best at multi-tasking. It’s possible to bake, roast and generally cook all at once – perfect for family meals where you have several parts of the same dinner cooking at once, or if you’re dealing with picky eaters!
Neff tends to offer ovens and technology which is really easy to clean. This oven really is no exception, particularly given the fact that it boasts a catalytic liner. This means that it will take care of itself as far as the nitty-gritty of cleaning is concerned. If you do need to clean it out by hand, however, wiping down is always a doddle.
Telescopic rail systems and a simple, yet functional design help to make this oven one of the easiest to use on the whole. It’s likely to be appealing to those families who are tired of using older ovens – cabinet or otherwise – which need more and more attention as they progress towards end-of-life. As such, this is an all-singing, all-dancing cooking machine to invest in.

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