Neff N17HH20N0B Heating Drawer

NEFF N17HH20N0B Warming Drawer

This product has a large capacity, holding up to 192 espresso cups or 40 plates. It has been designed to make your life easier, not only keeping your plates warm but also enabling you to pick a temperature between 40°C and 80°C for the attention of food preparation.

It smoothly functions with a push-pull mechanism, which has busy kitchens in mind as there are no faffing or complicated steps to get it up and running. It also rids the need for a handle, making it a sleek touch to any kitchen. Thanks to the smooth telescopic runners, you won’t get any jolts or jams, so the contents of the drawer will remain firmly in place.

There are five settings, including defrost, hold warm and plate warming settings, so it does a lot more than just help to serve your food at a nice temperature. And because it can provide a gentle low heat, it is also great for anyone who would want to prove dough.

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