NETTA Waffle Iron


Netta’s waffle iron really does take things back to basics, but that’s no bad thing. This is a simple, non-stick waffle pan which you can use to create one waffle at a time with, split into four segments for you to serve out with ease. Even better, if you’re already a bit of a waffle connoisseur, you can adjust the temperature according to your preferences to make sure that you’re cooking to a level of crispiness that works for you.

This model comes with a light indicator, too, which allows you to start making waffles as soon as it gets up to temperature. That means less hassle for you when it comes to keeping an eye on the apparatus. Also, cleaning this waffle machine will be easy because this is a non-stick unit, so the waffle batter will not stick to any part of the waffle plates.

It’s a reasonably priced model, and what’s more, you can use it to make different waffle styles and recipes, meaning that if you prefer American or Belgian standards. You can also use it for cooking batches of pancakes though you need to adjust the pancake mix. There’s nothing standing in your way. All you need is the right ingredients!

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