Panasonic Croustina SD-ZP2000KXC

Panasonic Croustina SD-ZP2000KXC Bread Maker

If you want to perfect fresh bread for your home without hassle, then making bread to suit your taste is no longer a difficult task and that is thanks to the Panasonic Croustina.
This bread maker is one which comes equipped with a number of pre-sets and programmes, making your job simple. You can enjoy finding your new favourite type of bread, whether that is hard crust, gluten-free or super-soft, and bake delicious batches.
The Panasonic Croustina SD- ZP2000KXC is a front-runner when it comes to this appliance. We find it to be one of the best bread makers of the past few years. It is simple to use and you will be able to effortlessly toggle through 18 different pre-sets, which include seven hard crust and two gluten free options.
There is also a special function to make compote or jam. It also has a rapid bake setting for when you’re in a hurry, and heat is distributed evenly throughout the unit to give the bread an oven-like result. A perfect all-rounder.

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