Panasonic SD-2500WXC


If you weren’t already aware of Panasonic’s dominance in this industry then you are now. They specialise in a number of appliances, and bread makers is one of them.
This Panasonic SD-2500WXC comes at great value and has a huge range of different programmes that make baking simple, even if you aren’t familiar with how to make bread. Recipes are available in the user manual, and there is little work to be done once it is all in the machine.
The versatile machine has 25 modes, which include different types of bread such as wholemeal, sourdough, pizza dough and French, and an option for jams and compotes. You will also be able to enjoy the gluten-free bread mode, which is one of the best of those makers which we have featured.
This lightweight appliance can easily fit onto your worktop and is also simple to move around if you want to store it. There are a few luxuries missing such as a viewing window or Keep Warm feature, but it is under half the cost of those at the top end so they’re easy to live without.

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