Quest 35409

Quest 35409 9 Litre Mini Oven and Grill

This is an absolute bargain of a compact mini oven. Admittedly, the price is probably because of the smaller capacity and general basic levels, but it could make a great addition as a spare cooker or in a caravan/boat.

There is a 60 minute timer and temperature choice of 100°-230°C. It comes with a baking tray and wire rack and handle that can be used for either tray or rack, and 2 x Quartz heating elements which already makes it great value for money. There are two shelving heights to choose from, and a cool touch handle means the door can be opened safely.

The downsides are that there is only a 9 litres capacity, making this mini oven unsuitable for larger meals, and the grill doesn’t get quite as hot as other mini ovens and therefore you need to allow a little longer than you might need to compared to an alternative mini oven and grill. But it could be best the best mini oven if you are cooking for one person, or as a bit of spare space to cook the chips while the main oven is packed with everything else.

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