Quest 35840 Hob


This double version of the popular Quest standard is likely to be one of the most appealing systems of its kind online. Boasting a simple LED function to give you insight into what’s cooking, you’ll also benefit from a split heating system, meaning that you can always cook up double the dishes in one go if you really want to.
Touch controls and decent sensitivity mean that this is an induction hob system likely to be easier to control than most. You’ll also benefit from ten different cooking and temperature settings, too, meaning that there’s no more fumbling around trying to get something as simple as eggs or rice up to the best temp!
This rapid heat system is also built to fit into the tightest of spaces, meaning that it’s likely to appeal to anyone who only wants to cook a couple of pans at once. Why splash out on a full cooking unit when this will suffice if you just want to boil up occasionally?

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