Classic CLA100E1BL

Rangemaster Classic CLA100EIBLC 100cm Electric Range Cooker with Induction Hob

Obtainable in three classic colours, this stylish design could accentuate your kitchen theme. It is a range cooker that brandishes a retro design with many modern features.
It has three cavities with a double oven, a grill and a five zone ceramic hob to finish it off. Both ovens are fan powered electric cavities which cook food thoroughly and provide an even heat, ideal for pasta bakes and roasted meats just as much as meringues and oven chips.
The hob features five zones, and works with induction technology. Electromagnets directly heat your pans rather than the hob’s surface, which makes it both energy efficient and safe to use. There’s a residual heat indicator which will alert you to when the hob is still too hot to touch, and you also get a handy timer function so you can focus on cleaning the kitchen or preparing for guests as your dinner cooks.

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