Rangemaster Professional+ 110 Gas Range Cooker

Rangemaster Professional+110

This Rangemaster gas cooker is a professional addition to your family kitchen helping craft your creative dishes. Making delicious recipes has never been easier and we are so glad to have found these ground-breaking range cookers.
They make cooking almost effortless with the option of simultaneously preparing all your meals and sides thanks to the choice of three chambers. You can even begin to bake your dessert at the same time. This Rangemaster comes loaded with four compartments and nine easy-to-use rotary dials which control each section and burner.
Find a warming drawer, separate grill, double oven and six burners all built in to this gem, including the wok burner for larger pans. This offers capacity for everything, all at once. Bring an industrialised creation into your family home, sure to offer you that edge.
One of our favourite additions to the Rangemasters is the Handyrack in the door, which allows you to easily place meats and other foods which need regular checking within reach, no shelf adjustments required. It comes in cream, cranberry, gloss black and stainless steel.

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