Rangemaster Professional+ FXP 90

RANGEMASTER Professional+ FXP 90 Dual Fuel Range Cooker

Looking to bring a professional cooking assistant into your home? Say hello to the Rangemaster Professional+ Dual Fuel option. This model is the FXP 90 and is a little different to some of the other listed on this page.
Despite being a range cooker, it has just one cavity. This cavity doubles up as a huge oven and a grill, giving you loads of space. Perfect for anyone who isn’t bothered about having multiple cavities on the go as they generally cook the same thing for everyone, but who needs more space than their current cooker can offer.
The multifunctional oven has 108 litres of capacity altogether. If you don’t need the entire oven space, then why not use the energy saving panel? It slides in to the oven to divide the chamber in two, and simply utilise just 49 litres of capacity. The other half of the oven still gets nicely warm though, which is ideal for warming plates or keeping food warm. It is perfect for saving energy.
To finish it off, there is a storage drawer at the base which is great for keeping trays and pans safe. And there is a five burner hob, including one large wok burner at the left hand side which is easy to reach and access.

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