Russell Hobbs 19750

Russell Hobbs 19750 Cook at Home Rice Cooker and Steamer

A versatile rice cooker and steamer combo, this is a nice little unit for any curry, Mexican or rice dish enthusiasts. A 10 cup, 1.8L capacity gives you plenty of space to cook a large batch at one time, and it will switch off when ready to keep it all hot to serve.
A special tray is included so you can steam cook fish and vegetables with the heat. This can either be done at the same time as the rice or separately. Technically, you could make an entire meal at the same time if you get the timings correct.
It is on the more compact side which is good if you’re stuck for space. You also don’t have to fill it up for it to work; smaller amounts of rice can be cooked, in case you’re cooking for yourself.

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