Russell Hobbs 23620


It is time that you woke up and smelled the… bread! That’s right – we don’t think there is a better smell to wake up to in the morning. You can now prepare your own fresh bread with the help of this Russell Hobbs maker.
It comes in black with a monitoring window that enables you to keep an eye on your progress. To get it going, there are touch screen controls and a clear LED screen to ensure you get the right settings and technicalities such as crust colour, bread type and size.
The fast bake option can have a loaf ready in just 55 minutes, which makes it one of the quickest and ideal for anyone who is too busy to wait. There’s also settings for french bread, whole wheat and gluten free.
Dishwasher safe non-stick pan and kneading blades makes the clean-up process efficient, and it can even keep the bread warm for over an hour if you can’t quite get to it straight away. To finish it off, crust control will allow you to choose from three different finishes so your taste buds are kept very happy.

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