Russell Hobbs Maxicook 23570

Russell Hobbs 23570 Maxicook

One of the best options for under £40, this basic yet effective dedicated rice cooker is also perfect for those who need to cook huge batches of rice at once.
With a 5L capacity, there is enough room to make 14 servings of rice at any one time, which is great for anyone who likes to bulk cook or has a large hungry family.
The stainless steel cooker has two cool to touch handles, a single on/off button and the ability to switch off automatically when done to keep the rice warm. A clear glass lid will allow you to check on the progress without releasing any heat, in case it needs a bit more water or you think it is ready early.
It comes with an additional basket that can be used for steam cooking, as well as a spatula and measuring cup.  It is also easy to clean thanks to its removable non-stick coated bowl. Even if the rice burns, it will come off easily when the unit is cooled, and the bowl can even be taken to the table.

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