Sage BWM520BSS The No Mess Type

Sage BWM520BSS The No Mess Waffle Maker

Sage have made some of the best waffle makers about, so it is no wonder that they have a few picks on this list. This is another innovative design, only this time it comes at a more affordable price and more compact size. You can get your hands on this waffle maker for less than £100 and it features seven different settings, safety features and is capable of preparing four waffles at once.

One of its most appealing attributes is apparent in its name. The ‘No Mess Waffle Maker’ ensures that there are no overspills and sticking mixture. Any excess waffle mix goes into the moat around the plates, and it will even cook here so you waste nothing and can nibble on waffle bits as you wait for the rest to get ready.

You can seamlessly prepare breakfast for your entire family with lots of capacity, easy controls and prevention of any mess. What else is there to love? A locking latch provides an extra level of security and safety, and it can be stored vertically for when you’re short on space or love to be organised.

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